Rhymes with fin- inspired from ma-RiiN-e, a product of the sea

For the sun-seekers, swell explorers, spirited enthusiasts, and passionate adventurers. For those who are invested in community and associate themselves with the ocean. 

Designed and created in Southern California, sewn for limited production, a piece of a sail is incorporated into our products to reflect our values of sustainability.

Dedicated to quality detail, influenced by vintage patterns.

RiiN boardies embody ultimate versatility and comfort while soaking up those cosmic rays whether on land or sea.

Scope of Projects:
• Responsible for product wear testing, providing RiiN with quality wear test data including casual wear test, wet wear test. Results from wear test enacted key product evolution and innovation with positive and negative remarks which ultimately were used in the production of a high quality, casual living board short.
• Provide professional copy text for website integration in product descriptions.
• Support key product and brand stories surrounding RiiN's Sailboat Sustainability program via content generation leveraged over social media and other brand outlets.