Shaped By Science


Shaped by Science was created to help you move and live a healthier and more fulfilling life. We did some research and found something pretty intriguing. Market data tells us that we all know we need to be healthier and take better care of ourselves, but we really don’t know how to go about training and fueling ourselves with proper nutrition. And, if we’re following a program, we don’t even fully understand why we are doing what we are doing. 

At Shaped by Science, we've create a platform you can use every day to empower you with the ability to take control of your health. Everyone needs a tip or two to live better and we provide those tips and tricks everyday and all through your phone? This makes it convenient and economical, saving trees at the same time (see, everybody wins!). Sign-up today and take control of your health.

Scope of projects:
• Company development from ideation to realization with active user/client base. 
• Web development included but not limited to website design, app integration, payment processing. 
• Logo development, brand values, brand voice, brand initiatives. 
• Seek out and build relationships with prominent and brand-aligned social media influencers to help grow business across multiple social media platforms. 
• Set up affiliate marketing programs with multiple organizations and align with cross-promotion strategies to increase consumer awareness of both partner brands/health organizations. 
• Develop and build an audience for GetMINE (Morning Information on Nutrition and Exercise) email marketing campaigns for continued learning and distribution of news surrounding health and fitness. 
• Work with CEO on business development strategies, art items, social media growth tactics and content creation/utilization across both the website platforms and app platforms.