NP: Beautiful

Website Development

The goal at N:P Beautiful is to truly create a new way towards approaching hair care.

Founding Partner, David Babaii has spent 17 years of his career working with some of the most famous people in the world, all of whom have different hair types. Throughout his journey of creating different hairstyles for his clients, he never found a product that allowed me to fully achieve his goals. Whether the goal was to give volume, to smooth hair straight or to give the perfect wave, I would always have to use multiple products to achieve these looks.

So when given the opportunity to create his brand new hair care line, He wanted to develop something that really does what it says it does. Learn more

Scope of Projects:

• Work with NP Beautiful team in conjunction with their partnering digital agency to update, refresh and provide copy text for the company website.
• Work with NP Beautiful within their Shopify web design platform to create a brand aligned look that matched with the global creative direction of the brand. 
• Set up the foundation for Press Page (blog) to share key stories and news surrounding the company.
• Work with paid media partners to distribute news/blog postings with Paid Ad team in order to update living content within their Paid Media Campaigns to support sales efforts of the brand.